A feeling of insecurity means that your self esteem will be under threat and may already be suffering, that’s why it is so important. Feeling insecure reflects a lack of confidence either in yourself or your situation. It is an intensely negative feeling. So why would you feel insecure? There are so many possible reasons:

  • Your job situation
  • Relationship problems
  • Social skills are not helping you
  • Money problems
  • Your self confidence is low
  • Fear of a challenge or something new
  • Fear of change
  • Lack of trust in another person who you depend on
  • Depression
  • Shyness
  • Criticism from others

When you have feelings of insecurity, you doubt yourself and your abilities to cope with a problem or situation, or you fear a negative outcome. Insecurity is really the feelings that result from low self confidence.  What can you do then if you feel insecure? I think that addressing the problem is very important as insecurity could develop into something even worse and become real fear or even panic which will cause you to avoid situations which you find difficult. Rather than avoid these situations  you should confront them and learn to overcome them. By facing your fears and accepting challenges that you find difficult, you improve your confidence level and general self esteem.

If you experience insecurity and lack of confidence in any situation first ask yourself if there is any logical reason for your uneasy feeling. If there is look at that and ask yourself what you should do about it to feel comfortable in that situation. Is it a skill that you need to develop or is that you need to be well prepared for such a challenge? In this case you can solve your sense of insecurity simply by watching others or learning the skills necessary to be confident in the situation you fear. One such situation is public speaking which worries most people. There is a skill to public speaking and you can learn it. Shyness is another big problem and if you face this you can become more assertive. You must confront these challenges and not run away from them. If you run from them they will become stronger and have more power over you. Read this page to find out more about overcoming shyness.

Remember that this is a world filled with worries, dangers and insecurity. Most people around the world fear terrorism and are stressed about so many aspects of their lives. Modern life seems to have removed us from more relaxed and slower ways of living. You are not alone, ever. Talk to others about your fears and you will see that maybe most of them are based on your imagination and with another viewpoint you can put things in perspective. Friends are a great help in this respect. Here are five things to stop you feeling insecure.

Whatever it is you feel insecure about talk about it calmly, improve your skills in dealing with it and confront it – you will succeed! Even money problems can be worked through with some help and guidance. Perhaps you just need to get yourself organized and disciplined. Don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it.

Self confidence is something you can have and this will help you move closer to the life that you feel you should have. Without confidence and self esteem you cannot achieve what you want easily. Here is the opportunity of a lifetime – to become self confident – How? Click to download “feel better about yourself” now if you are really serious about changing your life. It works!

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