High Self Esteem – Your top tips?

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“I will overcome my low self esteem with the help of positive or creative thinking” – Jawad”Thanks for the emails. This is more of a comment as opposed to a question. I’m fresh out of college looking for a job. I just recently established my first meaningful relationship with a female. I’ve had relations with girls before but this is my 1st full blown girlfriend. I feel like it’s done wonders for me. I’m more productive, my social skills have improved & I’m waking up earlier. I feel like I already possessed these skills but my new relationship brought it out of me. The changes in myself have been very noticeable. I remember in one of your emails from a while back you mentioned how having good relationships will help your self-esteem and I think you were completely right. I’ve been in such a good mood lately that I felt like I needed to share my experience. I wish I would have established a meaningful relationship sooner like in high school or college but better late than never. I still have problems. I still wish I was a little more in shape, I’m still fresh out of college back at my moms house looking for a job..etc but I don’t feel overwhelmed by these so called problems. I now realize that I have the tools needed to fix any of my problems and that’s what I plan on doing. Once again, I appreciate your emails. They’ve been very helpful & hopefully I can help someone else the way you’ve helped me.” – Samuel

My comments to the above:


“Thanks Samuel for sharing this. Yes, you do have amazing potential inside and we all do. Relationships can bring out the best and worst in us. I’m glad for your happiness. There is a lesson here. If you want higher self esteem, love can help you achieve it.”

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