Forgiveness and self esteem

In this short article I would like to show you how important forgiveness is to you and why you should be more forgiving.

Why is forgiveness important?

Forgiveness is a very powerful quality. When you forgive someone you reveal something about your inner nature. The ability to forgive doesn’t come easily to everybody and so it will set you apart and bring you respect.

If you cannot forgive others you will hold onto bad feelings and inner anger…

Unforgiving people often feel that they are victims of other people’s in acceptable behaviour. This victim mentality can become worse as they build up a list of things the other person has done and increase the resentment and anger inside. Forgiveness releases these negative feelings and helps people come together.

What benefits will being more forgiving bring you?

  • Your relationships will improve as you will forgive others their failings
  • Others will forgive you more when you act in a way that upsets others
  • You will grow and mature as a person and learn to handle your emotions better
  • You will become better at expressing your feelings with others
  • You will learn how to ask others for what you want and expect
  • You will understand better why other people act the way they do
  • By forgiving you may learn more about yourself – what is important to you and what isn’t
  • You will gain tolerance of others failings
  • Other people are likely to become more forgiving towards you
  • Your friendships will become stronger and longer lasting  

Why are forgiveness and self esteem connected?

Forgiving others is a kind and powerful act and the power it holds will benefit you and the other person. Your friendship will benefit and you too will feel happier inside. Your confidence will be boosted by your ability to resolve personal issues and your self esteem is going to increase as well.

A forgiving person is more popular and respected. You will like yourself and the world in which you live will be more pleasant… so start forgiving!

Who should you forgive?

A very simple answer here – everyone!

How can you be more forgiving?

  • Recognize your own faults – you will then be able to forgive others their faults
  • Don’t place such high standards on others
  • Realize that your values are different from other people’s – don’t expect friends to hold exactly the same values
  • Try to see things from the other person’s viewpoint
  • Before condemning someone ask yourself if you are totally blameless yourself
  • What kind of a friend are you? Are you perfect? Would you like others to forgive you when you make a mistake? Then treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Ask yourself what you gain by not forgiving someone – list the benefits and the negatives, (there will be many more negatives) – now ask yourself what are the benefits and negatives of forgiving that person, (you will see many more positives), so why don’t you just forgive..?
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