Find Happiness by Looking Inside

How many times have you heard yourself or someone else say “If only I could be happy”?

It seems like the search for happiness has been with us for a very long time and you may be looking too. The trouble is the harder you look the more difficult it is to find. Why?

Because you are looking in the wrong place!

What I am going to tell you about happiness is very simple, however, the truth may not be what you want to hear…

The Truth about Happiness

Many people make a huge mistake thinking that happiness is something that is connected to achieving some goal. It isn’t. If you have ever said “when I have this…” or “when I have done that…I will be happy” then you are linking your happiness to something outside of you and this is wrong. If you chase goals and even if you achieve them this will never make you happy unless you decide to be happy.

The problem with goals is that if you achieve one you then set another and in this way you will continue to say “when I achieve that I will be happy”. No you won’t.

What you are doing is forever postponing your happiness, and if you are not careful your life will pass without much joy.

Being happy means choosing to feel that way no matter what is going on in your life. The truth of this is easily proved. Have you ever seen a rich person who is unhappy? Have you ever read about the rich and famous celebrity who committed suicide? Have you ever visited a country where people don’t have a lot of money but look closer and you’ll see they are smiling. Happiness does not depend on money, goals, how big your house is or anything outside of you.

Working on your self esteem is a big part of accepting the good things that are within you and that make you very unique. I advise you to get my ebook and build self esteem and happiness today.

How Can you Be Happy Now?

Easy. Decide you want to be happy and think of all the reasons you have to be so. What are you grateful for? Happiness is a choice. You CAN choose it right now. Or you can focus on what’s wrong with your life and think about all the things you need to do and that means choosing to feel unhappy.

What is the definition of happiness? Think about this…

It is simply the absence of sadness. A baby is born happy because he has not yet learned how to be unhappy. Sadness is something that happens because we think about the negative and concentrate on what is wrong. Try focusing on what is right for a change, I guarantee you’ll feel more positive.

If each day you think about the things you are thankful for you will soon realize you are lucky. Enjoy that feeling. Choose happiness and don’t put it off.

Now you Know – Three Things you Must Do

Watch what you tell yourself, your self talk. Correct yourself if you say “when I do this or when I have that….” and make a plan to get it but be happy anyway no matter what happens. If you catch yourself self saying “if only” then stop right there. Deal with what you can change.

That wonderful song “Don’t worry, be happy” says everything you need to know. What difference does worrying make?

When you look for happiness you’ll only ever find it in one place. Inside you. It exists nowhere else. Next time you feel bad remind yourself to be thankful for what you do have and for who you are. Choose to be happy and reject sadness.



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