End Negative Thoughts

Before we start this topic let’s be clear that you cannot stop your negative thoughts all the time. It is a fact that sometimes you will be down and see the negative side of a situation or without even thinking your mind may respond to what is happening to you in a negative way.

Negative self talk is an example of how we limit ourselves and stop any hope of a positive outcome by convincing ourselves that the negative view is appropriate. It almost certainly is not and serves no purpose other than confirming your fears and preventing you from daring to step out into the unknown, where success lives.

So what can you do to end negative thoughts? I have a few simple suggestions for you to try. The value of optimism in your life is one of the greatest secrets of being happy with yourself and who you are. Being optimistic is always better than being negative and will help you build your self esteem.

First tip:

When you find yourself being negative, question what you’ve just said, (or in the case of negative self talk what you have just told yourself). Ask yourself if it is really true that nobody likes you for example or that you have no friends, whatever it is question it and ask yourself to justify your statement. You’ll see its not truth but a distorted negative view.

Second tip:

If you’ve just heard yourself say two or three negative things then stop a moment and try, (no matter how hard it is), to say one positive thing about the person or situation. There is nearly always a positive side somewhere.

Third tip:

If you’re really down try focusing on what is in your life to be thankful for and make a list. This will lift your mood and instantly you will feel less negative.

Fourth tip:

List what you have achieved so far in your life and plan what else you want to do. Becoming more focused on where you have been and where you want to go will concentrate your mind on positive movement forward.

Fifth tip:

Build your confidence so that you will feel more positive towards whatever you need to do – here are some great tips to build self confidence

Sixth tip:

I find that one of the best things I can do to become more positive and inspired about life is to read inspirational self help books which can give you real strength and motivation to move on with your life and end your negative thoughts and old thinking patterns which hold you back. Check them out and get reading today!

And finally, you could try watching a comedy program or two or just start laughing about something you find funny, it is the best medicine after all!

If you want to stop being so negative then you should download this amazing self-hypnosis program – End your negative thoughts – it is a great way to use the power of your mind and help yourself today.