Confidence Today

As you arrive on this page maybe you are asking: “Can I really improve my confidence in one day? The answer is a big YES. There are many things you can do today that will instantly build your self confidence. Read on to find out how…

What You Can Do Today to Start Boosting your Confidence

Here are a number of things to try:


Think about what you will face today. What challenges lie ahead of you? Are there any things you think may be helped with a boost of self confidence? When you think of these note them down and begin to visualise or see yourself in each situation doing what you need to do skilfully and completely relaxed and sure of yourself. Notice how you feel and see yourself smiling. You are calm. Watch others around you and imagine them looking on with smiles and approving faces. See yourself being totally in control and achieving the success you want. The more real you make this the better.When you finish with one situation or challenge go on to the next one as you noted down before. Do the same. The idea is to practise in your head being and feeling confident as you face the challenges ahead. Visualisation is something that you should repeat a couple of times if possible and will certainly help you to feel more positive and confident about the challenges that face you today.This technique will help you build self confidence today and is helpful with many different situations such as interviews, socialising and making new friends. It is also helpful with any kind of performance and in overcoming fear and anxiety you may have.

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Correct your posture and body language

When your posture is good you’ll automatically feel more confident. Try straightening up and standing tall looking forward and smiling. This will make you not only feel confident but others will respond better as you look like you now really have confidence. Body language can send negative signals to others and this may cause them to react badly which will kill any self confidence you have. If others receive positive body language messages then they will help you because their reaction to what you say or do will be so much more positive. Others often mirror your body language so imagine the effect when others smile and make positive signals towards you.

How you speak

This has a great affect on how you feel and is also another way to send out positive rather than negative signals to others. To speak confidently slow down a little and speak clearly and directly. Smile as you do this. Make eye contact. Remove any negative language such as “I can’t” or “I doubt” and replace with positive words. Be expressive and calm.

Relaxing is very important and this is helped by breathing gently. You can start relaxing today. Feeling relaxed increases confidence.

Change the way you speak to yourself

Say encouraging and positive things to yourself and cut all the negative voices in your head. Learn how to stop negative self talk.

Rethink your attitude towards failure and change

You can do this very quickly. Remember that mistakes are a way to learn and if you regard that as failure rather than the opportunity to improve you are holding back your self confidence. Realize that there is no failure just mistakes which show you that you need to try something different. There is no learning without mistakes. Have the confidence to try new things and accept change as necessary for your growth and success. You cannot fail unless you give up.

ACT confidently you will feel confident

Act as if you are a success and you’ll feel successful. Talk as if you can achieve success and you will feel more confident. Behave as if you are filled with unstoppable self confidence and you will certainly feel it. The opposite is true and the sad fact is that we often look and behave in way that stops us from having self confidence. Just try slouching and looking sad , stare down at the ground and how do you feel? Now stand up straight and tall with a smile on your face and calm breathing again how do you feel now?

Building self confidence can happen today if you try the above steps and put some time and effort into this. the rewards for you will be enormous! I suggest you read my e-book which will show you step by step all you need to do to enjoy a life filled with amazing confidence and high self esteem. Get a copy today!



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